A Kid Friendly Dentist Explains the Importance of Brushing

Kid Friendly Dentist Santa Ana, CA

Your kid friendly dentist understands how difficult it is to motivate kids to brush their teeth. Children often think of brushing as a tiring activity. Proper motivation can help them form this healthy habit. If you want to give your kids stronger reasons to brush, here are some details from a kid friendly dentist.

Prevents tooth pain

Brushing two times a day can decrease the child’s risk of developing tooth decay. Cavities become larger over time, especially with a steady intake of carbohydrate-rich foods and drinks. These can cause tooth pain if the cavities do not receive treatment. Regular brushing contributes to strong teeth. The fluoride in toothpaste shields teeth from harmful bacteria.

Children must form this all-important dental care habit. It prevents drilling and filling teeth. This habit also prevents oral diseases, such as infections and gum diseases. A kid friendly dentist always encourages children to perform proper brushing. It can save the child and parents from costly dental treatments later on.

Keeps mouth fresh

Brushing teeth is also an effective way to keep the mouth fresh. Cleaning teeth, gums, and the tongue can ensure the removal of food particles and plaque. The minty flavor of the toothpaste lingers in the mouth. This keeps the mouth fresh before school and before bed.

Regular brushing also wakes the child up in the morning. It perks up the kids and helps ready them for school. Brushing before bedtime keeps the child calm before sleep. It also stimulates the gums to trigger cell repair.

Helps with savings

A kid friendly dentist would suggest daily brushing to skip dental treatments. Brushing teeth can maintain the good condition of a child’s teeth. It can help prevent dental decay and the early deterioration of teeth. This helps parents save money on expensive restorative dental treatments.

Prevents bad breath

This can cause problems in the life of a child. Children often say what is in front of them. The last thing a child needs is to be known for bad breath. Guidance from a kid friendly dentist can help teach the child how to brush properly. Brushing improves the appearance of teeth and the condition of the whole mouth. This will help the child interact with other kids more.

Inspires a positive outlook

Any kid friendly dentist can say that brushing can help kids feel better about themselves. This is a good way to establish a child’s self-image and sense of control. It also helps start the commitment to dental health. Parents can teach children to take time while brushing their teeth. Daily mouth inspection also allows kids to see the good results of proper brushing.

Brushing reminders

Proper brushing starts by rinsing the toothbrush and placing a good amount of toothpaste on it. Starting the brushing motion with the molars allows a more concentrated type of cleaning. Light brushing with short, circular motions toward the biting teeth can remove plaque and food particles. Brushing the tongue and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash ensures thorough cleaning.

Your kid friendly dentist can complete the cleaning effects of brushing

Learning the habit of brushing can help your child have better oral and general health. It may take time, but your child will establish the habit. Daily brushing with your child will help form a commitment to dental care. Routine dental checks with your kid friendly dentist can help your child become more motivated with brushing.

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